Compassionate Airfares

Sowmans Compassionate Airfares

Help with travelling to a funeral or tangi

Air New Zealand offers compassionate airfares to immediate family members needing to travel to attend a funeral or tangi.

Compassionate airfares offer a reduction on full or higher priced fares. They do not apply to some of the lower priced fares that are already below the compassionate airfare level.

Applying for a compassionate airfare

Note: A compassionate airfare is normally granted after you travel.

Here’s how to apply.

  1. Check that you’re eligible for a refund by phoning the Air New Zealand refunds team on 0800 733 8637.
  2. Quote your booking or ticket reference number.
  3. If you’re eligible, fill in a compassionate fare request form. We can supply this.
  4. Ask us to verify the death with Air New Zealand.

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